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Grateful for Ormsby Memorial Hall

Thank You
-Laura Facey, OD

I am grateful to Bishop Daniel and Father Cunningham for kindly allowing my exhibition, The Laboratory of the Ticking Heart, to take place at Ormsby Memorial Hall.

The title of this show is taken from the opening line of my grandmother’s poem, “September Song”, which suggests that human feeling can indeed be a laboratory, a powerful re-shaper of our environment. And the Ormsby Hall environment has been a key element in the success of the show. We have received over 300 visitors to date who have shared their enthusiasm for Ormsby Hall as a venue for the arts and others who see the need for its revival as a centre for the community.

I share with you here some of the activities which have taken place since we opened as well as a call for preserving its cultural heritage and pivotal role in social transformation.​
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Speech - Guide Their Way Home | PDF

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