Curator - Melinda Brown
                The Everything Doors, 2006, Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica
                Where I Stand, 2008, Mt Plenty, St Ann, Jamaica
                Solandra, 2009, Jamaica Inn, St Ann, Jamaica
                Propel, 2010, ROKTOWA, Jamaica
                Radiant Combs, Mt Plenty, St Ann, Jamaica
                Radiant Earth, 2013, London, UK
                Laboratory of the Ticking Heart - Incremental Currator
Web Design - Melinda Brown, Laura Facey
Web Development - Varun Baker, Daemon Brown
Photos - Laborator Of The Ticking Heart - Ishack Wilmot, Franz Marzouca
               Radiant Earth - Damian Griffiths
               Propel - Peter Dean Rickards
               Radiant Combs - Melinda Brown
               Where I Stand - Melinda Brown
               The Everything Doors - Donette Zacca, Laura Facey
               Solandra - David Massey, Laura Facey
               Redemption Song - Franz Marzouca, Laura Facey, Donald Moore
               Christ Ascending - Annie Schlechter
               Artist, Curator, Assistants - Melinda Brown, Laura Facey
               Work in Progress - Marc Ohrem-Leclef, Laura Facey, Gordon Cooper, Jamar 'Alla' Mclean
Videos - Paddlin Spirit - Directed by Amanda Sans Pantling
               Radiant Combs - directed by Melinda Brown, photography William Richards, special effects Ishac Azulu
               Awakening - photographed by Olivia Mcgilchrist
               Making of Redemption Song - photographed by Colin Young, script by Michael Robinson
               Their Spirits Gone Before Them - photographed by Tony Patel, edited by Ramone Wynter and iSHAC A ZULU