Solo Exhibitions
   2022   Laboratory of the Ticking Heart, Ormsby Memorial Hall, Kingston, Jamaica, 1 May - 29 July
   2014   Their Spirits, International Slavery Museum, Liverpool, UK 
   2013   Radiant Earth, The Prince's School of Traditional Arts, London, UK
   2011   Radiant Combs, New sculpture and drawings, Mt Plenty, St Ann, Jamaica
   2010   Propel, ROKTOWA, 8 Pechon St, Kingston, Jamaica
   2009   Solandra, Jamaica Inn, St. Ann, Jamaica
   2008   Where I Stand, Mt Plenty, St. Ann, Jamaica
   2006   The Everything Doors, Drawings in Wood, Institute of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica
   2001   Silent Voices, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
   1992   Chairworm and Supershark, Exhibition of Illustrations, Patoo Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
   1985   Pieces, Mutual Life Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
   1980   Works, Tom Martin Gallery, Sante Fe, New Mexico, USA
   1976   Talisman the Goat, Exhibition of Illustrations, Bolivar Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
   Group Exhibitions
   2019   Summer Exhibition, National Gallery of Jamaica, Kingston, Jamaica
   2018   Harmony Hall, St Ann, Jamaica
   2017   National Biennial, "Bumpy top desk and Mirror, Ceiba", National Gallery of Jamaica
   2016   Fusion of Food Art and Goodwill, Mt. Plenty, St Ann, Jamaica
   2015   Fusion Of Food Art And Goodwill, Mt Plenty, St Ann, Jamaica
   2014   National Biennial, 'Walking Tree",  National Gallery of Jamaica 
   2013   Earth Wind Fire, Tryall Club, Sandy Bay, Hanover, Jamaica
   2012   National Biennial, 'De Hangin of Phibbah..",  National Gallery of Jamaica 
   2012   Against The Grain, traveling exhibition until 2014, Mint Museum, Charlotte; MAD Museum, New York; Museum of Art, Ft Lauderdale, USA
   2011   Escaut. Rives, Dérives, International Festival of Contemporary Sculpture, Roeulx, France
   2011   Spirit of Jamaica, Black Circle Gallery, London
   2011   About Change, The World Bank, Washington DC, USA
   2010   National Biennial, 'Plumb Line', The National Gallery of Jamaica
   2010   Art Jamaica, New Hall, Cambridge, UK
   2007   Materialising Slavery, National Gallery of Jamaica
   2004   Curator's Eye 1, ‘Body and Blood of Christ’, National Gallery of Jamaica
   2001   A Shriek from an Invisible Box, Meguro Museum of Arts, Tokyo, Japan
   2000   Watamula, Workshop Exhibition, Curacao, Dutch Antilles
   2000   Soon Come: The Art of Contemporary Jamaica, Nebraska Arts Council toured by Exhibits USA
   1997   Annual National Exhibition, National Gallery of Jamaica
   1997   Sexta Bienal de la Habana, Cuba
   1990   Laura Facey & Cecil Ward, Patoo Gallery, Kingston, Jamaica
   1986   Caribbean Art Now, Commonwealth Institute, London, UK
   1985   Six Options (Installations), National Gallery of Jamaica
   2014   Jamaican National Honour of The Order of Distinction in the rank of Commander (CD)
   2010   Aaron Matalon Award for best in show, National Biennial, The National Gallery of Jamaica 
   2006   Silver Musgrave Medal for sculpture
   1973   Gold Medal, Jamaica Festival Commission
   Professional Appointments
   1979   Company Sculptor, Santa Fe Opera, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
   1978   Technician, Nambe Mills Foundry, Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA
   1978   Woodcarver for Forest Fantasies, Organ, New Mexico, USA
   1975   Designed sets and costumes for national pantomime The Witch, Ward Theatre, Kingston, Jamaica
   2013   Manaya, Jonathan Stewart Memorial, Campion College, Kingston, Jamaica
   2009   Golden Cleat Award, Annual Award for Best Athlete of the Year, Kingston, Jamaica
   2003   Redemption Song, Monument to Emancipation, Emancipation Park, Kingston, Jamaica
   2000   Christ Ascending, St. Andrew Parish Church, Kingston, Jamaica
   1999   Earth to Earth, Sculpture Garden, University of Technology, Kingston, Jamaica
   2022   Laboratory of the Ticking Heart, catalog, published at Hot Off The Press, KIngston , Jamaica
   2020   Talisman The Goat/Talisman La Cabra, new Spanish/English edition, Mill Press
   2014   Radiant Earth, interactive digital iArtBook, Elizabeth Beecher Publications, UK
   2013   Weeping in the Blood, Small Axe Journal 40, Columbia University, USA
   1992   Chairworm & Supershark, illustrations, The Mill Press, Kingston, Jamaica
   1977   Talisman the Goat, text and illustrations, Operation Friendship, Kingston, Jamaica
   Born Kingston, Jamaica, 31 May 1954
   Educated: West Surrey College of Art & Design, Farnham, England (Foundation Year, 1972)
   Rhode Island School of Design, Providence, Rhode Island, USA (Summer Workshop, 1972)
   Jamaica School of Art, Kingston, Jamaica (Diploma Sculpture, 1975)